We build Studios to make life better and people more productive.

Our vision

Cultivate communities that
inspire creativity, and connection.

Our vision is to build Studios in storefront locations in cities around the world and merge the best aspects of a traditional coffeehouse, productive workspace, membership experience, and intimate event space for communities to thrive.

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Create beautiful studios for people to enjoy, connect, and be productive.

To foster inclusive environments that enable the sharing of ideas, combat loneliness and enhance productivity. We aim to establish havens that embody the scientifically backed 'coffee shop effect,' encouraging creativity, and collaboration, throughout a connected global community of studios and members.

an image of cozy Bedford Studio, highlighting our comfortable green couch.

Innovate, Collaborate, Connect: Our Studios.

Our specialty

Uncharted Territory

Unparalleled uniqueness lies in the seamless integration of a coffeehouse, collective workspace, membership experience, and intimate event space all into a cohesive, unrivaled concept.

Coffee House

Our Studios serve specialty coffees, teas, healthy treats, and seasonal delights to please, motivate, and energize you throughout your stay at our Studios and on the move.

Collective Workspace

Our workspaces create an innovative approach to a traditional home, office or co-working atmosphere with a flexible and accessible place to work from that's right off the street located in storefront locations.

Membership Club

Unlock a world of benefits through our membership with access to our collective workspace, and  invites to exclusive member programs as well as discounts on all purchases.

Event Space

Host and attend events in our intimate Studios for various occasions, for both member events and private events hosted by you.

Let's create.