Studio Collective

Our expertise is in the locations, design, creation, and development of Studios that merge the welcoming and charming atmosphere of a coffeehouse with the functionality of a collective workspace, uniqueness of an membership club, and an intimate event space.


To create beautiful places for people to enjoy, connect, and be productive.

At the heart of our mission is the fusion of the inviting atmosphere of a coffee shop with the practicality of a workspace. Our commitment arises from the
increasing prevalence of individuals working remotely or from home.

We design spaces that allow people to not only maximize productivity but also find comfort and connection. We make work not just about getting things done but also about fulfilling the need for social connection.

an image of cozy Bedford Studio, highlighting our comfortable green couch.

The Background Behind Our Blend


Loneliness Epidemic

According to the US  Surgeon General, Society is facing a loneliness epidemic as serious as the top public health issues and is one of the under valued problems we're faced with and a lead cause for this is the new normal from working in a hybrid or remote fashion.


Coffee Shop Effect

The Coffee Shop Effect is driven by stochastic resonance, the impact of moderate ambient noise and this phenomenon positively influences mood, decision-making, productivity, and broadens perspectives.


Membership Experience

Traditionally, membership places have been exclusive to a certain demographic at high prices, however, our approach is different. We're inclusive to everyone at a reasonable price to become apart of a community of other like-minded individuals to both benefit to yourself and contribute to other people.


Event Space

We provide exclusive event space rentals for various occasions, fostering community and well-being through with mission is to alleviate the challenge of securing affordable, intimate gathering spots in cities.

Our Innovation

We pride ourselves on our matchless approach, seamlessly merging a coffeehouse, collective workspace, membership club, and an event space into an unparalleled concept.


Our Expansion

  • We're beginning to scale beyond borders with a strategic expansion plan, aspiring to create and curate Studios across New York City and into cities around the States and around the world.

  • We're set to construct Studios across various neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn, covering the diverse tapestry of New York City, and beyond.

  • Understanding that building a community is essential for longevity in both personal and professional growth and we're committed to bring our unique concept to individuals everywhere.

  • Each Studio will embrace the local community, drawing inspiration from its surroundings, culture, and spirit, while upholding our core values of fostering friendship, creativity, and productivity.


    Frequently asked

How do you become a member?

Absolutely! We welcome everyone to join us and become a member of Studio Collective to work from our Studios, earn member discounts, participate in member events and anyone can sign up at one of our Studios or online here on our website.

What's included in a membership?

Joining Studio Collective isn't just about getting a membership; it's about becoming part of a community who shares your interests in your local area. This opens up opportunities to connect with new people through our member programs and events. Plus, being a member comes with perks like getting access to work in our awesome Studios and enjoying sweet discounts on all our products. It's super convenient too – just pop your Studio Collective digital membership card into your Apple Wallet and give it a scan when you drop by.

How do the events work?

Hosted in our Studios after-hours, we're always hosting both private events for lease and member events beginning at 6pm until 10pm on a daily basis. We'll have someone from our lovely team on-site to help setup, work the event, and clean up afterwards.

What are the membership details?

We believe in a flexible and accessible membership that allows for everyone to join on a daily, monthly, or annual basis and that can be paused or cancelled at anytime. Once you sign up, download the digital membership card to the Apple Wallet and scan in with our baristas.

Can you come into a Studio if you aren't a member?

Yes, of course! Everyone is welcomed to come in and purchase coffee, sit down, be with friends, read and relax from the chaos of cities in a place focused on serenity and peacefulness.

Let's create.